Empty glass washers

Empty glass washers

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The empty glass washing machine can be produced in various designs. Depending on the working height, the containers can either enter the plant from above or from below and be guided overhead in order to allow cleaning in any position.

In addition it can be decided whether the container is cleaned with water, with air, with steam or with hot air. A combination of these processes is also possible.

By means of a special clamping jaw system as well as a simplification in front of the system a clean conveying as well as cleaning is ensured.


The glasses are fed to the rinser one after the other over a conveyor belt (on site). The jaw clamps of the rinser take the glass and lead it down overhead into the area in which the washing / cleaning / drying takes place.

The cleaning of the machine is easy because the individual parts of the machine can be easily opened, removed and re-installed with a special key.

A distance sensor sits on the output belt to stop the system in the event of a reset and to protect the jars. The collected process water runs through a hand screen which is manually removed and cleaned according to the degree of contamination.

Control Electronic (PLC) for automatic shutdown in case of back-up and back-flow by light barriers with anti-fog (heated)

Blower and pump shutdown as well as further shutdown or automatic start-up upstream and downstream conveying systems integrated in the control cabinet. The machine is completely wired with control cabinet.


Type HRL
Performance ~ 5,300 glasses 900ml / min.
The machine is suitable for cleaning empty bottles and cans with a diameter of Ø 40 mm to ~ Ø 153 mm and a max. height of 208mm.


Total length ~ 5.000 mm
Total width ~ 1.000 mm
Total height ~ 1.850 mm
Working height ~ 950 mm


Conveyer belt Transmission SEW rpm 170~1000, SEW 050i=20, Motor 0,37 kW IP 55
Chain SEW 050 i=20 Motor 0,37 kW IP 55
Pump Lowara CO 350/03K/A 0,37 kW

Material strengths and qualities

Rack Square tube 60x60x2 AISI 304
In- and outlet conveyer belt plastic module belt, color white, thickness 9mm width 780mm, material PP
Runners Square tube 40x20x1,5 AISI 304 mit Polyäthylen
Type TAB with 4 synthetical Wing. Attached to a stainless steel chain

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