Storage tanks

storage tanks

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The storage tanks can be produced in the most diverse design up to 30,000 liters of volume. - horizontal version - standing version - as round container or square tank. - With conical bottom - With dished bottom.

Tank shape

Cylindrical tanks with conical cover bottom and conical outlet floor including so-called bottom sump.


e.g. Rolled or ground, welded seams, passivated or sanded.


Useful capacity up to 30,000 liters


Cylindrical diameter up to 2,000 mm
Total height ~ 10.000 mm
Cylindrical height ~ 8.000 mm


1 Mannloch DN 600 in the lid bottom
1 Mannloch DN 500 in the cylinder (mounting hole)
1 vent connection DN 80
1 supply line DN 50 with manual shut - off valve (ball valve) supply on site
1 Fill line with pressure measuring dose ½“ Fabr. Negele
1 Cleaning line (in the bottom swamp) DN 80 with manual shut-off valve (ball valve)

Material strengths and qualities

1.4301 oder 1. 4571

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