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The Band Blancheur is characterized by its flexibility and compact design. Almost all fruits and vegetables can be blanched over a band blancher.

The function of the system is to distribute the products over the entire transport width and then blanched with hot water (Blancher) for a given time. The advantage of this is that the product can be easily processed further and the line power can be increased by the energy input.


The machine is suitable for preblanching e.g. for pepperoni at a temperature of up to 90 ° C for about 5 minutes. The band blancher is flat and the product is heated by over-heating with hot water. The machine has a closed design. Below the machine is a water collecting tank. In this water box (with a self-cleaning filter), the water is removed from product residues by a pump and fed back into the blancher.

The water filter has a drum shape with a special perforation Drm. 5 mm. Due to the rotation, foreign objects stick to the drum and are discharged via a scraper into a collecting container.

The process water is heated to the desired blanching temperature by a heat exchanger via a control valve. The water level in the water box is controlled by a level electrode. As soon as the water level drops, fresh water is added via a magnetic valve.

For cleaning the covers can be opened as well as a cleaning door on the water box.

The complete system is delievered ready to be connected.


Type Hot water spraying
Performance ~in the case of Peperoni with a distribution of 15 kgr / m 2, a flow-through time of ~ 5 min


Total length ~ 3.700 mm
Total width ~ 1.100 mm
Total tub length ~ 3.200 mm
Total tub width
Net width ~ 1.000 mm
Inlet height ~ 1.200 mm
Outlet height ~ 1.000 mm


Transmission NMRV 063 i=60
Engine 0,75kW + Inverter
Circulation pump Lowara HTE 40/125/30 3,3 kW
Transmission water filter NMRV 50 i=60 Motor 0,25 kW
Pipe heat exchanger Pipe Drm. 42,4x2,5 W.St. 1.4571

Material strengths and qualities

Tank V2A-sheet thickness 2,5 mm
Cover V2A-sheet thickness 1,25 mm
Filter V2A-sheet thickness 2,0 mm
Hot water piping
Cold water piping
Sieving tray
Runners V2A-sheet thickness 1,5 mm
Conveyor Type Alpha Belt S 2400 A60, PP
Inlet conveyor 3-lane (metal tape tape)
Outlet conveyor 4-lane (Metallplattenband)


Engine valves (Bälz) DN65 with electronic controller and digital temperature display
Temperature measurement via resistance thermometer Pt 100


Stainless steel switchboard completely wired
Controls Siemens
Heating control via Bälz controller
Temperature monitoring
Level control
Speed ​​control main band
Touchscreen with different programs

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