Laboratory cookers

Laboratory cookers

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The laboratory cooking system serves the laboratory to produce small quantities of sugar products and to carry out tests. The product can be cooked in a boil with agitator up to 140 ° C. Subsequently, the mass can be further processed by vacuum. Various instruments (temperature displays, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, regulator and light) are used by the operator and help to analyze the process more precisely. The system is built entirely from stainless steel and can also be offered optionally with a fast steam generator as a complete solution.


Vacuum container: Cylindrical container with lid as dished bottom, bottom as cone. Finely ground inside and outside. Both containers (cooking vacuum) are placed on a common base made of square tubing with spheres. Incl. 1 Vacuum pump type LEWA with deflector hood and console. Electricity in stainless steel control cabinet, compl. wired.

Cooking container: Spherical container with base frame (culottes). Heating jacket (steam) with protection from perforated plate. Cover with silicone O - ring seal. Surface polished inside and outside.

Specifications laboratory cooking system

Type Laboratory cooking system Typ LBK10
Useful content ~ 12 liters
Total content ~ 45 liters
Total height ~ 2.000 mm
Bottom diameter ~ 350 mm
Cover diameter ~ 400 mm
Steam operating pressure in the cooking space 1-4 bar
Steam operating pressure in the boiler room max. 5 bar
Material Compl. Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301 außer Antriebe

Indicators Cooking container

2 temperature indicating instruments in the switchboard, resistance thermometer PT 100 with Teflon cable (2.0 m long), transmitter Ø 6 mm, 30 mm long
Supply unit Air Festo (manometer control valve and filter)

Connections Cooking container

Steam connection including stainless steel speed control valve. (ball valve ½ ")
Condensate connection with bell steam trap ½ "in stainless steel
Air connection - Festo Floor drainage T-piece DN 40 with flap. Visible glass with lamp in cover DN 65
Cover with clamping screws and sightglass. DN 80
1 x Needle valve for venting

Specifications Vacuum Containers

Useful content ~ 45 Liter
Total height ~ 1.600 mm
Cylindrical height ~ 500 mm (ohne Deckel u. Boden)
Diameter ~ 300 mm
Material Compl. Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301 außer Antriebe

Display instruments vacuum containers

1 Manometer for negative pressure (-1 bar) incl. display instrument
1 Resistance thermometer PT 100 with teflon cable (2.0 m long)
1 sight glass DN 80, 1 sight glass with light DN 80
1 Pressure transmitter

Fittings vacuum containers

1 Stainless steel steam control valve, manufactured by Bürkert ½ "
1 Discharge flap DN 40, 1 flap DN 32 (from vacuum pump)
1 spindle valve with distribution funnel (in the cover), 2 butterfly valves (T-piece) from the cooking container, 1 flap DN 32 (venting)
Needle valve, spindle valve

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