Cooling tunnel

cooling tunnel

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For cooling hot-filled products, the ten Brink cooling tunnel is used. The advantage lies in the continuous cooling. Our cooling tunnels are, For ketchup, sports drinks and smoothies. We offer our customers individual solutions, depending on their space and performance.


The radiator is divided into several segments. These tubing segments are prefabricated as far as possible to facilitate assembly (assembly on site).

The lids lie loosely in the water lock floor with one-sided slope and cleaning doors on both sides.

Circulation of the cooling water in countercurrent. Before each pump is a so-called Water box with change-over.

In the plant are over the entire surface - nozzle pipes with plastic eccentric nozzles (PA). A fresh water nozzle is installed as a drainage system, which supplies the supplemental water by means of level electrodes and a solenoid valve.

At the inlet the radiator has a sogn. Which can be used both as a hot-holding zone and for cooling. In addition, a tubular heat exchanger is installed on the long side. This serves to heat the process water in the alternative zone in the process of holding it hot.

The heat exchanger has process water inlet and outlet as well as steam inlet and condensate outlet.


Type circulating cooler with alternative zone
Performance ~ 4000 pieces - 250 ml glasses


Total length ~ 7.280 mm
Total width ~ 2.550 mm
Total height ~ 1.500 mm
Inlet height ~ 1.010 mm
Outlet height ~ 1.010 mm


Main Drive SEW-geared motor with frequency converter 0,75 kW
Inlet and outlet conveyer belt SEW-Getriebemotor 0,55 kW


Tub Stainless steel AISI 304 3,0 mm
Cover Stainless steel AISI 304 1,2 mm
Sieving trays AISI 304 2,0 mm
High-quality plastics for lateral guides.(excluding drives).

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