Blade wheel Blanchers

Blade wheel Blancher

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The blade wheel blancher is particularly suitable for short periods of blanching. The product is forced into this plant and has only the possibility at the outlet again in the same place in the same quantity and texture to come out. The effort is in the design of the plant. This can be customized according to customer requirements.


The plant is suitable for pre-blanching cucumbers and pepperoni (or similar piece products).Temperature control variable up to approx. 90 ° C.

The so called blade wheel blancher consists of a self-supporting tub construction with an integrated rotor (partly perforated plate). An external pipe heat exchanger (including motor valve and condensate emptier) is positioned next to the system as a heating system. Water circulation by circulation pump (V2a) incl. filter box with alternating sieves and water level level probes. On both sides large cleaning doors. Stainless steel switchboard is completely wired and ready to be connected.


Type ZBL 1500
Performance ~6,000 Kg / hour with 5 minutes blanching time


Total length ~ 2.300 mm
Total width ~ 1.500 mm
Total height ~ 1.900 mm
Inlet height ~ 1.700 mm
Outlet height ~ 1.050 mm
Drum diameter/td> ~ 1.500 mm
Drum length ~ 4.600 mm


Drum SEW geared motor with frequency converter 0,75 kW
Inlet screw conveyer SEW geared motor with frequency converter 1,1 kW
Outlet screw conveyer SEW geared motor with frequency converter 1,1 kW
Circulation pump pickle Stainless steel pump 5,5 kW

Material strengths and qualities

Completely made of stainless steel W.St. 1.4301 ex. drive


Indirect heating by pipe heat exchanger
Performance ca. 1.000 kW
Material stainless steel V4a (1.4571) including insulation

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