Drum Blanchers

Drum Blancheur

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The drum blancher or universal blancheur by ten Brink is a milestone in the processing and refining of fruit and vegetables.

This plant was invented by us specially for the use of autumn vegetables (cabbage, carrots, peas, celery etc.) in order to have as gentle and effective blanching as possible without the need for several plants.

The main advantages of the system is:

  • Very high power transmission and energy savings.
  • Very good product and process water separation.
  • Multiply deployable system for the most varied products.
  • Very high quality processing in this area State of the ART.


The system consists of a self- supporting tub construction and is insulated on the outside with stainless steel jacket. Drum from perforated plate Ø 2mm without center axle, externally mounted on 4 stainless steel rollers. Two series of covers (opposite) are installed to clean the drum. Internal screw threads take over the product transport. Outlet drum with 6 pieces of so-called ejector blades and transfer to the outlet screw.

Product inlet through inlet screw and additional infiltration through circulation pickle. The product pickle is heated in the external pipe heat exchanger and transported continuously through the system by the circulating pump. Steam valve motorized with control unit and 2 pcs. resistance thermometer (Pt100) for exact temperature control. The covers rest in the water tank. The inlet and outlet srews have a so called Labyrinth seal so that the entire system is largely sealed off against vapors leakage. The system is completely wired with a stainless steel electrical switchboard and delivered ready to be connected.


Type UBL
Performance ~ 5,000 Kg per hour at 6 minutes Blanching time


Total length including inlet and outlet screw conveyor ~ 6.500 mm
Total width ~ 2.100 mm
Total height ~ 2.600 mm
Height of head of screw conveyer ~ 1.950 mm
Head of conveyor ~ 1.500 mm
Drum diameter ~ 1.500 mm
Drum length ~ 4.600 mm


Drum SEW geared motor with frequency converter 0,75 kW
Inlet screw conveyer SEW geared motor with frequency converter 1,1 kW
Outlet screw conveyer SEW geared motor with frequency converter 1,1 kW
Circulation pump pickle Stainless steel pump 5,5 kW

Material strengths and qualities

Product contacting parts made of stainless steel V4a 1.4571, sonst V2a 1.4301


External pipe heat exchanger with straight pass
Performance ca. 1.000 kW
Material Stainless steel V4a (1.4571) incl. Insulation

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