Brushing machines

Brushing machines

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The brush washing machine is built in different sizes and designs as required.
6 brushes or 8 brushes can be installed. In addition, a pump can be installed to support the delivery rate and to improve the flotation of the product in the process.
The discharge of the product from the brush washing system is carried out by an elevator with a carrier.
The facility is very easy to maintain and clean. Additional brush plates are installed at the side of the tub to improve the cleaning process.


The product is fed into the washing machine via an elevator (construction side) and is fed to the rotating brushes via two nozzle pipes at the inlet. Coarse dirt falls downwards through a perforated plate inserted into the bottom of the machine. The brushes are mounted in pairs on transverse rails and can be opened for assembly. After the last brushes, the product is conveyed to the discharge elevator. The product flow is maintained by the suction in the rear area of the elevator as well as the feed to the inlet.

A sogn. After-washing is carried out via two nozzles at the discharge elevator.
All motors as well as pump are protected by covers.
The machine is delivered ready with E-switch cabinet connection.

Available with 6 or 8 brushes, with pump and screen box, additional spraying at the outlet elevator, incl. Electrical control


Type BW8
Performance ~ 5000 kg / hour


Total length ~ 7.500 mm
Total width ~ 1.000 mm
Ejection height ~ 1.500 mm
Brushes 8 pieces (drm. 300x500 mm) with each motor (0,55kW)
Outlet elevator Bandwidth 800 mm, with plastic module belt and driver 50mm high


Pump Ebara 1,5 kW

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