Heated tanks

Heated tanks

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The tanks can be heated as desired in a variety of ways, double-walled by hot water or steam.

  1. Thermplate
  2. Half-pipe coil


The cooking container stands on 4 feet with foot cups 1 "with base plate. The temperature is measured on the ground via a Pt100. All 4 heating and cooling zones can be operated separately.


Type Tank with agitator
Useful capacity up to 30,000 liters


Cylindrical diameter outside ~ 1.850 mm
Cylindrical diameter inside ~ 1.700 mm
Cylindrical height ~ 2.000 mm
Outlet height ~ 500 mm
Total height ~ 2.800 mm

Container wall thickness

Inner container 5,0 mm
Outer container jacket 3,0 mm


50 mm mineral wool on both sides
Outer tank jacket is airtightly welded


Engine power 7,5 KW
Engine design Temperature probe, food-compatible oil according to UHSD1
Drive with flat - shaft motor with hollow shaft
Agitator: Fabr. PRG, TYP FGR ®-60 Si/A

Material strengths and qualities

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