High performance fillers

High performance fillers

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The ten Brink HLF (high-performance filler) has been a name in the national and international market for over 40 years. These fillers are leading in the filling of piece goods in glasses or cans.

Due to the vibration of the individual components of the entire system, the good / product is filled into the glass in the correct quantity.

The raw material control as well as the glass feed and intensity can be controlled and operated by a manual control panel, which hovers above the plant. This is the only way to achieve a 100% clean filling level.


The product is fed onto a vibrating distributor channel and fed uniformly over the entire width to the filler plate. By means of a deflector, the filling quantity / dosage of raw material can be controlled to the repacking belt in the corresponding filling area.

The filling quantity can be determined by vibration on the filling plate. The product is fed to the glass mouth via an adjustable inlet curve. The glasses are held via a non-positive transport system, which also has a vibration device, and thus a higher degree of filling is achieved.

Excess product is fed to an elevator by means of an underfloor conveyor and then returned to the filling sheet via the distributor channel.

In case of a glass breakage, the sub-assembly conveyor can be moved in its direction and thus promotes the breaking of a discharge chute.

The setting of the corresponding glass sizes is infinitely variable. A blow-off device is installed on the outlet side of the product for loosely lying on the glass mouth.

The electric control unit is installed in a CNS control cabinet and a swiveling CNS control panel.


Type HLF
Performance ~ 12,000 glasses / hour


Total length ~ 4.500 mm
Total width ~ 2.700 mm
Total height ~ 2.400 mm
Height product task ~ 1.850 mm
Height of inlet of glasses ~ 970 mm


Inlet and distribution channel 2 vibration drives à 0,35 kW
Drive fill sheet 2 vibration drives à 0,53 kW
Glass transport Vibration drives at 0.30 kW
2 variable speed geared motor 0.75 kW
2 geared motor 0.18 kW
Product return 1 Geared motor 0,37 kW
Elevator 1 Geared motor 0,37 kW

Material strengths and qualities

Compl. 1.4301/1.4541, chains, chain wheels and drives in standard steel

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