Oil drums

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The oil drum is used for oiling confectionery such as gummy bears and foam products. The products are fed via a conveyor belt (optional) via a shute into the oiling drum. In the oil drum, the oiling of the products takes place. For this purpose, we use a special oil pump to feed in the amounts of oil dispersed in the drum depending on the formulation. The products rub in the drum with the oil reciprocally and get the shiny effect. On the outlet side, the drum has a special phase ring which allows only certain amounts to be applied to a subsequent belt after oiling. The drum is easily accessible from all sides, which makes maintenance and cleaning work easier.


Frame of 4-edge pipe with calotte feet and panels. The drum is mounted on two shafts with four rubberized rollers and is driven by a geared motor with a frequency converter. Incl. 4 feet height adjustable.

The drum is completely made of stamped sheet metal with U-profile running rings.In the drum there are so-called entrainers which are incorporated into the drum and form a hygienically clean inner surface. The ejection area is equipped with eight spiral-shaped ejectors and ejection hoppers made of 6-WL sheet metal.


Type Oiling drum type OT1400
Length ~ 2.920 mm
Width ~ 2.200 mm
Height ~ 2.575 mm
Drum diameter ~ 1.400 mm
Drum length ~ 2.100/2.230 mm
Outlet diameter ~ 1.420 mm
Insertion height ~ 1.790 mm
Ejection height ~ 800 mm
Material Stainless steel W. St. Nr. 1.4301

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