ten Brink has been building plants for the food industry since 3 generations. Our benchmark was always "everything is possible". We offer our customers individual solutions. Together with our customer, we plan the plants and construct them in 3D. The plants are then manufactured at our plant in Nuremberg. Our team consists of skilled workers, certified welders, engineers and specialists for assembly and commissioning.  The core competency of ten Brink is the know-how in the areas of fruit & Vegetable processing, confectionery production, meat processing. ten Brink builds individual plants right up to complete production lines. Special solutions in many areas are challenging us and we are happy to accept this challenge.

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Fruit & Vegetable Processing

Our solutions and projects for the fruit and vegetable processing industry.

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Sweet Processing

Plants, innovations and projects in the confectionery processing industry.

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Meat processing

Machines and Innovations for the meat and sausage processing industry.

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ten Brink

Sascha ten Brink

Sascha ten Brink

Sascha ten Brink has been at the family business since 2004 and in 2005 founded ten Brink Engineering & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG together with his father. Prior to that, Mr. S. ten Brink completed an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign salesman and then completed his studies as a specialist. The great knowledge about the individual processes and necessary equipment has been developed by S. ten Brink over the years. 2016 Foundation of Ten Brink Engineering India Private Limited in India and thus expansion of production to Asia.
Hannes ten Brink

Hannes ten Brink

Hannes ten Brink, like his father, Hans ten Brink, has made the copper forging master in Munich. After passing the master's examination, Hannes ten Brink joined the father's family business in Nuremberg and together they have shaped industrialization as well as automation in the food sector. All well-known manufacturers of Jars and tins work with the plants of ten Brink.
Hans ten Brink

Hans ten Brink

Hans ten Brink was a copperworker and continued the tradition of his uncle Hans Luther ten Brink. Many copper articles still bear testimony to the craftsmanship of Hans ten Brink. When the precious metal of stainless steel became established on the market, then ten-year-old Hans ten Brink Anlagenbau company began manufacturing automation systems for processes in the food industry. At that time, the core competences were already pasteurizing and blanching in the conserve industrie.


August 2016

Foundation of ten Brink Engineering India Pvt Ltd. in August 2016

Since 2004, Mr. Sascha ten Brink has established business relationships in the Indian market for plants for fruits and Vegetable processing. The steady growth of the Indian market and the enormous cost pressure against the Asian competitors have led to the fact that Mr. Sascha ten Brink, together with his Indian partner Mr. ND Prakash, foundedr the company Brink Engineering India Pvt Ltd. with launche in August 2016.

August 2016

April 2004

Founding of ten Brink Engineering & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG in 2005

Mr. Sascha ten Brink joined the family business in April 2004, after finishing his distance studies. The special knowledge has been shown by his father over the years and shown by direct participation in the projects, which showed that in him is a real ten Brink. It was clear how the success go further and Mr. Sascha ten Brink founded today's company ten Brink Engineering & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG.


Hans ten Brink retired after over 40 years in the business

Ten Brink sen. (Hans ten Brink) emerged from the company, and ten Brink Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG was established. The new Managing Director, Mr. Hannes ten Brink, had aimed at great goals and, in April 1989, together with his father, decided to build the present production plant with more than 1,600 square meters of production space. During this time the machines had to be produced and it was very difficult but not impossible. After the completion of the new plant in Nuremberg Schafhof, the production program was expanded and plants for confectionery and meat processing were also produced.



Renaming of Hans ten Brink KG into ten Brink Maschinen und Apparatebau GmbH u. Co. KG

In 1978, when the son Hannes ten Brink entered the family business as a master of Coppersmith, the ten Brink Maschinen und Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG was established. From that day on, father and son worked together in the company and helped the company grow rapidly in a very short time. Each of the jars and canning processors wanted a pasteurizer or blancher from ten Brink. During this time more than 50 workers were employed and the machines were completed in very short time.


Expansion of the company ten Brink to Nürnberg Schafhof.

At the beginning of the 1970s when ten Brink developed the industrial growth, Hans ten Brink decided to move from the former location in the (Kupferstraße) Copperstreet in Nürnberg to Nürnberg North in the Schafhofstraße. There he bought a piece of land which at that time was used to supply the railroad during the WWII. In larger halls it was also possible to build large plants such as pasteurisers and blanchers with a larger workforce. During this time, the stainless steel was also introduced to the market, and ten Brink was one of the first companies in southern Germany that worked with this material.


1 July 1947

Founding of the ten Brink in 1947

Founding of Hans ten Brink KG July 1947 by Mr. Hans ten Brink. As a skilled master of copper smith, Hans ten Brink began to produce kitchen equipment such as pans, bread kettles, irons, heat bottles and other useful items in a small production after the end of World War II. Hans ten Brink, together with his great-uncle, Hans Luther, helped in Nuernberg in the reconstruction of the destroyed churches, which today still have copper roofs and copper weathercandles from ten brinks. Later as aluminum material came to the market ten Brink milk cans and other useful things were produced in the field of milk processing.
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