Water bath Pasteurizer

Water bath Pasteurizer

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The water bath pasteurizer can be produced in various lengths and widths. In the water bath process, the packs run into a continuously adjustable water bath in the pasteurizer and cooling zone to ensure a 100% heat transfer into the products. So that the packs do not stop during the process and are always pasteurized in the same time, the main conveyor belt is equipped with drivers.


Type Continuous pasteurizer with integrated cooling type water bath
Product Sausages in pig's intestine
Weight 90-130 grams
Caliber Ø 26 - 30 mm, length about 200 mm
Performance 3,000 kg / hour


Total length ~ 26.000 mm
Total Width ~ 3.000 mm
Useful width 2 Spuren à 1.300 mm
Height ~ 1.500 mm
Working height ~ 1.100 mm, ± 50mm


Main drive SEW geared motor with FI- control, interface, display of the speed in OP
Steam control With 1 motor valve (Bälz) with electronic controller and digital temperature display, temperature measurement via PT 100 resistance thermometer


Cooking zone 4 stainless steel pumps for sprinkling from above Type KSB 4 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
2 stainless steel pumps for cooking water circulation Type KSB 5 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Cooling zones 4 stainless steel pumps for sprinkling from above Type KSB 3 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz

Material strengths and qualities

Tub Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 3,0 mm
Cover Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 1,5 mm
Sieving trays Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 2,5 mm
Covers Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 1,5 mm
Hot water piping Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4571 V4a
Cold water piping Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301
Curtains Rubber white, 3.0 mm thick
Sieving trays Each 1 fixed screen (screwed) from perforated plate, hole diameter 5 mm, 2 changeover filters
Cover Cooking zone isolated and lying in the water with hoist gear
Water level Adjustable in the cooking zone by electrode control. Additional level control and magnetic valve for water supplementation
Insulation Cooking zone and bottom lateral insulated and covered with stainless steel
Cooling Plate cooler (Bandelot) and onsite refrigerating system


Stainless steel switchboard completely wired.
Control elements Kloeckner Moeller
FI – Fa. SEW
Switchboard type Rittal stainless steel incl. ventilator
Flash light (built up)
Heating control Bälz
Program control Siemens S 7 with OP

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