Sprinkling Pasteurizer

Sprinkling pasteurizer

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The pasteurizer with overspraying has the simple but also very good effect that pasteurizing and cooling are used instead of the normally used hollow cone spraying nozzles now so-called rinser plates which catch the water up to a certain height and then release through the holes in the floor area.

The principle is similar to that of a rainwater shower. Small water filaments pass from the top downwards over the containers and ensure that the product is evenly pasteurized with hot and cold water.

A further advantage of this system is that when the soiling / contamination in the water is used, the rinsing sheets can be easily cleaned from the outside and, if necessary, removed.

This does not result in dead spaces concerning water / transfer hot / cold. The small disadvantage in this case is that it is very expensive to construct and correspondingly more expensive than conventional nozzle sets


The containers are fed to the pasteurizer via the inlet conveyor in the drainage process. In the pre-treatment zone, water is sprayed with water from the "hot cooling zone" in the circulation process. The pasteurizing zone and cooling zone are each operated with tubs with perforation for overflowing with hot and then cold water.

At the inlet and outlet transfer ridegs are placed to transfer the package to the main conveyor belt (plastic module belt). The pre spraying zone is fed with water from the warmest cooling zone.

In the pasteurizing zone a so called foot bath is possible. By lowering the module chain in this zone as well as variably adjustable water level.


Type Hot water and cold water overflow with foot bath
Performance 720 ml glass, Ø 96 mm, pre-heating time of ~ 1 min, pasteurizing time of ~ 33 min., cooling time ~ 22.5 min.
Container Size


Total length ~ 31.600 mm
Total width ~ 3.450 mm
Tub length ~ 30.000 mm
Tub width
Net width ~ 3.000 mm
Working height ~ 1.000 mm, ± 50mm
Usable area in the pasteurizer


Main drive Gear drive with frequency converter, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, IP 65, 0,18 kW.
Drive infeed belt 1 Gear drive 0,55 kW mit FU
Drive output belt 1 Gear drive 0,55 kW mit FU
Hot water pumps 2 pcs stainless steel pumps 80-160/110, 11 kW
Cold water pumps 3 pcs stainless steel pumps 50-125/30, 5,5 kW

Material strengths and qualities

Tub Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 3,0 mm
Cover Stainless steel,, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 1,5 mm
Sieving tray Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 2,5 mm
Frame Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4301, 3,0 mm
Covers Stainless steel, W.Str. 1.4301, 1,5 mm
Transport chain Plastic module belt strong series
Hot water piping Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4571 V4a
Cold water piping Stainless steel, W.St.Nr. 1.4571 V4a
Hot water overflow PA (spraying nozzles) Fabr. Lechler „Blue“
Nozzles cold water zone PA (spraying nozzles) Fabr. Lechler „Black“
Curtains Silicone rubber white, 4,0 mm thick (FDA quality)
Sieving tray 2 changeover filters
Inlet conveyer 1-lane (190 mm) ~ 5.000 mm long
Outlet conveyer 3-lane (3 x 114 mm) ~ 5.000 mm long
Cover Pasteurizing zone and cooling zone with criss-cross bend and handles loosely in the water tank


2 pieces external pipe heat exchanger (lying) made of stainless steel W.St. 1.4571 / 1.4301. Incl. Footboard and insulation on the long side. Operating pressure max. 10 bar
Steam & Condensation connection
Control 2 pcs. Bälz motor valve with control unit (3-step control), 2 pieces float condenser emptier
Temperature control 2 pcs Pt 100


Fresh water supply with thermostat and solenoid valve
Cooling medium Fresh water (about 12 ° C)


Stainless steel switchboard completely wired.
PLC System
Other controls Siemens/EATON
S7-200SP including visualization
Touchpanel 7“ "with serial. Interface
Cabinet type Rittal stainless steel incl. forced air fan
Flashlight (built up)
Heating control via panel
Incl. potential-free contacts and interface
Temperature monitoring
Level control
Speed ​​control main band

Pasteurizers for Meiko

Company Meiko has received 2 new pasteurizers from ten Brink. 1 piece with a length of 30 meters...

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